Robin Graham



We have been taught how to behave by teachers, parents, the media, television, religious people and our peers. The trouble is that all these people have their own issues and problems in life, and their own inhibitions.

If they tell us not to laugh, it may be that they are feeling bad about something, or are having a bad day or a difficult time. And when someone says "don't cry", it may be because they themselves are hurting, but crying may be exactly what someone needs to continue to heal themselves.

We cry or laugh as a response to things that are happening around us. Maybe we laugh out of relief because its someone else who is having misfortune, or looking stupid, or making mistakes. Or maybe it is a sense of relief that a difficult situation has come to an end. Or maybe we laugh because something is out of place, or doesn't logically follow. Or because a situation is emotionally tense, for example at a funeral, or if someone tells us their pet hamster died in the washing machine. Every time we laugh, we let go of some emotional tension. And if we can laugh for no reason at all, maybe we can release some emotions in advance, get rid of some of our "baggage", shake away our tensions and stresses.

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