Robin Graham

Who should not take part

This is an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of conditions where people must think before joining a Laughter Club. The decision to participate is the responsibility of each individual person. Ask yourself if it is appropriate for you to join in if:

1. you do not feel well, or feel you ought to see a doctor;

2. you have high blood pressure and it is not controlled. (If you start feeling light-headed, you must not over-exert);

3. you have had a heart attack or have had a by-pass operation. (It is often not a problem, but check with your doctor);

4. you have a hernia (check with your doctor);

5. you have a long-standing cough (you must take care and not over-exert);

6. you have discomfort when laughing;

7. you have piles with active bleeding or which are protruding;

8. you have had a major operation in the past three months;

9. you have a uterovaginal prolapse;

10. you have a bad cold or flu (as you will infect everyone else);

11. you have glaucoma (consult a doctor first);

12. you have chest pain;

13. you are pregnant.

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