Robin Graham

About Me

Robin Graham (born in London in 1960) is a performance poet and playwright, laughter consultant, community leader and teacher of creative writing. In 1999, he co-founded Greenhouse Northwest, a theatre company for people whose first career choice was not performing arts; he co-founded the UK Laughter Network (2004-14), and the UK Laughter Festival and Championships (2012 onwards). His social enterprise, Feelgood Communities CIC, has been delivering community wellbeing benefits since 2011.

His plays include Growing Pains, a monologue for schoolchildren, toured by M6 Theatre Company as part of Double Six; A Mother's Perspective, a monologue about a grandma who is HIV+, toured by Greenhouse Northwest; Club Nemesis performed at greenroom, Manchester; Children of Abraham, produced by Manchester Sangeet Academy; Guardians,for the Abraham Moss Youth Theatre; A Different Place, produced by Stop Gap and toured by Ampersand Theatre Company, and some small community theatre pieces.

As Poet In Residence at Clitheroe Castle Museum during The Year Of The Artist he wrote Crikey Mikey's Summer Holiday which was performed by local schoolchildren and published by Ribble Valley Council; he has performed three Crikey Mikey poetry stories (Crikey Mikey and the Cocoa Monster, and Crickey Mikey's Volta Venture are the other two.

As associate writer at greenroom, Manchester, he presented Skin Deep and Crucifixion, two works using poetry and image, and Expressions of Joy, a collaboration using poetry and video. His poetry collections, The Life Of My Time, and The New Koforiduan, are published by KT publications.

He is co-founder co-founder of the World Laughter Pledge, and a Laughter Yoga Ambassador and the first Laughter Ambassador for Laughter For All Ethiopia. He currently runs Feelgood Communities CIC in the North West of England based on the health and wellbeing and social and community benefits of laughter together. He is on the steering group of We Stand Together, and a Rotarian. And he is a volunteer teacher of yoga breathing techniques with The International Art Of Living Foundation.

Qualifications include BSc in Physics from Imperial College, and MA in Health and Happiness Awareness from Chester University.