Robin Graham


I live for my technology
My omnipotent theology
It's made me who I am today,
It's powers give and take away.
It's given me my CD player
But stripped away the ozone layer
It's entertained me, shown me fun
Yet threatens cancer from the sun.
Preservatives have helped fight hunger
Make the food last that much longer:
If I died today
I'd last for weeks before decay.

Technology has fuelled the nation
Cheaper power for a generation
Process more and throw away
And process more the following day.

Status symbols.

But there's pollution
Without a hope of a solution.
Asthma, eczema, suffering child.
Weapon-wielding gunmen wild.
Massacres and greed and hate
And fear and anger congregate.

Those who say put children first
Include some who hurt children worst:
Around the civilised world they collude
To fill our bellies with poisonous food
Then fill our skies with radiation
Causing cancerous devastation

And since we place our mobile 'phone
Too near our pubic bone
It will cause mass sterilisation,
Shutting down our civilisation
Where our grand-children's generation
Face obliteration.
Powerless of protestations
Against money making organisations.

It's now I live. And watch
The chance to have a family
Be taken away from me.
I've lost my heart
So now I play
With technology each day.

There's a sense of isolation
In some landlocked third-world nation.
With mountain peaks and plains,
And forests where it rains.
But what feelings will apply
When our nation starts to die?
Then with technology's demise,
Less radiation in our skies
Less poisons in the sea,
Too late for you and me,
Will it also be too late
For the isolated state?
Who do we kill to feed our need
Of living life at increased speed?
Or will the isolated state survive?
If so, soon your day will arrive.
Bolivia! Bolivia!

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