Robin Graham

Santa Lives

This Christmas time I'm on the couch,
Slumbering away the days
Just kept awake in case I sneeze
And cough with some fluey malaise.
And in my semi-consciousness
I glance across at ITV
At all the make-believe they show
And Channel 5 and BBC.

I have no chimney in my house
I'm in a block of flats, you see
But so relentless is the stream
Their stories now are true for me.
There are so many films that show
He is a real man
I'm overdosed and brainwashed now
As I've become a Santa fan.

There IS a Santa Claus, you see,
And by believing in his ways
All children have a childhood
Of innocent and happy days.
It's we, the adults, who are wrong
And even though I didn't see
A Santa Claus when I was young
I know now he exists for me.

All the children of the world
Gather, in the Christmas light,
As Santa brings you all your gifts
On Christianity's big night.
And for the children of the world
He'll make this Christmas the best.
Well, for some of you he will.
But not for those who are naughty.

He's put the names on to a list.
I'm sure that most will get a visit.
Some are less likely to than others.
For there is one Santa prerequisite.
Only Children who are good get gifts.
And good ones are those who believe.
While all the others have been bad -
And that's why they don't receive.

It's not believing makes them bad.
So selfishly they say
It was their parents who put out
Their gifts on Christmas day
There is one other rule laid down:
That if you're Moslem, Sikh or Jew,
Hindu, Buddhist or the rest.
Then Santa Claus is not for you
Even if you are good.

Otherwise, there is a Santa
And he's great!
Because he makes all the little children
At Christmas.

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