Robin Graham

Me and Grandma

I love Grandma.

I love to take my old Grandma
Ten times around the block,
In her rickety old wheelchair
And in her party frock
I scare off the pedestrians
As I race against the clock,
Me and Grandma.

Then we’ll pull in to the forecourt
Of the petrol filling station
Filling up her tyres is
A wonderful occasion.
She starts to smile again without
That terrible vibration.
I love Grandma.

I love having a grandma
And going out for treats
Or playing her at board games
Because she never cheats.
I love to take her money
And go off to buy my sweets.
We all love Grandma.

We’re very democratic, and so
Everybody chooses
Where to take or leave her
Since she has so many uses.
She may be old and cannot walk
But these are no excuses.
We love Grandma.

When my dad goes driving
He’ll take his matriarch.
Even in the boiling heat
And even in the dark.
Because she has an orange badge
It means that he can park.
Dad and Grandma.

My mum likes feeding grandma
All the left-overs for tea,
Her stomach is so delicate
We’ll know immediately
If anything’s gone off which would
Have upset dad or me.
Mum and Grandma.
We love Grandma.

We keep an eye on Grandma
When we’ve left her in the street,
Or when she’s got her dinner
Which is chunks of stringy meat,
We’d never touch her giro
With-out leaving a receipt.
We all love Grandma.

But now she’s dead and buried
And I fear that we’ll relay
That we didn’t laugh with Grandma
Or treasure what she might say.
Since we were all too busy
With our own problems each day.

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